Les rêves de Napoléon - Fontainebleau, 2016

Exhibition In the dreams of Napoleon,
from 15 October 2016 to 23 January 2017.

The castle of Fontainebleau reproduces, in its original state, the first bedroom of Napoleon the sacred emperor. A unique opportunity to slip into the dreams of the Emperor, who liked to say that "the inventors of the bed ... would have deserved statues".

While the constitution of Floréal XII (May 1804) entrusted to him the government of France, Napoleon obtained from Pope Pius VII that he came to consecrate him to Paris. The last stage before the capital, Fontainebleau was chosen to receive the sovereign pontiff. On the occasion of this halt (November 22-28, 1804), the castle, empty since the Revolution, was refurnished. Calmelet, administrator of the Imperial Furniture, in liaison with Duroc, Grand Marshal of the Palace, and the architects Charles Percier and Pierre Fontaine, was in charge of this mission. In this project, the Garde-Meuble Imperial benefited from the furniture confiscated from General Moreau, made purchases from second-hand merchants, and acquired from Jacob-Desmalter for more than 60,000 francs worth of movable objects in the latest fashion.

More than thirty pieces of furniture (furniture, chairs, porcelain) emblematic of this re-furniture, mostly in the Emperor's first room or in his dressing room, will help revive this event. The exhibition will focus on the originality of the styleCommissariat of the exhibition: Jean Vittet, Chief Heritage Curator
Scenography: Philippe Maffre consular, true "moment of grace" decorative arts.