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Our Friends and Contributors

  • Jean-Charles Foucrier

With a Phd in history, Jean-Charles publishes weekly an article about French history, starting with the French Revolution of 1789 until the downfall of the 1st French Empire in 1815.
La stratégie de la destruction (eng. : the Strategy of Destruction) is his first major book, and takes a deeper look into allied bombings in France during World War 2.


  • Les Grognards

Since 2006, this french community of hardcore wargamers has served as a beacon of light for Napoleonic enthusiasts. Fond of history in general, their speciality remains the tales and legends of the Napoleonic Wars. If you're a french-speaking lad, they might even recruit you into their Old Guard.



  • The Lordz

Formed in 2003, the Lordz Modding Collective has since produced award winning modifications of the Total War™ series, bringing to you the most realistic representation of Napoleonic warfare to date.

Their last "mod", Napoleonic Total War 3, is still regularly updated. You need the following game to play the mod : Napoleon Total War™.

You can't find a better and more realistic simulation than this one. A true Must-Have !



  • Histwar: Les Grognards

Napoleonic battle simulator.



  • La Librairie Corse

Corsican library.



  • Napoleon & Empire - The life and work of Napoleon Bonaparte